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SQL Server Replication

What is difference between 3 type of replication? Is replication suitable for data archiving? What is the replication steps? Solution Following are the three types of replication in SQL server. Transactional replication Merge replication Snapshot replication For more See http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms152531.aspx Replication ca

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So for this one project, we have a bunch of queries that are executed on a regular basis (every minute or so. I used the "Analyze Query in Database Engine " to check on them. They are pretty simple: select * from tablex where processed='0' There is an index on processed, and each query should return <1000 rows on a table with 1MM records. Th

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SQL server timeout

my application is developed on classic asp, but also uses asp.net as I am migrating the application on .Net. Its using SQL server as database and hosted on Windows server 2003. Now the problem is that the application continue to work perfectly fine for a long time but then after some time SQL server gives timeout error and it could fulfill any of

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SQL Server History

I am writing a paper on the history and evolution of SQL Server and I''m having a hard time finding good resources that talk about the product from it''s beginning at Sybase and over the years at Microsoft. Below are a list of links I have so far but I was hoping maybe some MVP''s or Microsoft employees might be able to point me at some better reso

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odbc_connect sql server

I'm trying to install a PHP5 Web Server on Windows 2000 Server IIS. It runs ok the php files but the query to my SQL database gives error without any kind of message. This is my connection: $conn=odbc_connect("Driver={SQL Server Native Client 10.0};Server=$server;Database=$database;", $user, $password); In phpinfo the obdc is enabled. This co

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sql server datetime

i have the following query: select * from table where table.DateUpdated >='2010-05-03 08:31:13:000' all the rows in the table being queried have the following DateUpdated: 2010-05-03 08:04:50.000 it returns all of the rows in the table - even though it should return none. I am pretty sure this is because of some crappy date/time regional

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SQL Server Conversion

A client is panicking about their large Access application, which has been running smoothly with 100s of thousands of records for quite some time. They have a big project in the next year that will lead to a lot of use of the database and the adding of quite a lot of new data (though I can''t conceive of them adding more than than 10s of thousands

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SQL Server Cascading

I am making a website where users can post 'Posts' and then users can 'Comment' on these posts. I have a database with 3 tables. One contains User Information, one contains Post Information and the final one contains Comment Information. I want to set up rules so that if a User is deleted, all of their posts and comments are deleted, and if the us

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