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Gulp exclude does not work as expected

I have a gulp task that looks like this, just the src part: gulp.src( [ 'site/bricks/global/global.scss', 'site/bricks/**/*.scss', '!site/bricks/global/domain*.scss', 'site/bricks/global/domain.mydomain.com.scss' ]) I expect it to do this: Load global.scss first (works) Load the rest of the scss files (works) Exclude al

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MOV src dest (or) MOV dest src?

MOV is probably the first instruction everyone learns while learning ASM. Just now I encountered a book Assembly Language Programming in GNU/Linux for IA32 Architectures By Rajat Moona which says: But I learnt that it is MOV dest, src. Its like "Load dest with src". Even Wiki says the same. I'm not saying that the author is wrong. I know that

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How to use data-src and src?

I am encountering a problem with getting an image to display with the usage of src and data-src of the img tag. The below work perfectly fine: <img src = "img/testimage1.jpg"/> The below code doesn't display anything: <img data-src = "img/testimage1.jpg" alt="first"/> Solution As already answered here, data-src is a simple data-*

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CSP: child-src and frame-src deprecated

In CSP v2 frame-src was deprecated. child-src is recommended to use instead. In CSP v3 frame-src in undeprecated and child-src is deprecated. Currently (sep 2017) Chrome: The 'child-src' directive is deprecated and will be removed in M60, around August 2017. Please use the 'script-src' directive for Workers instead. So what's correct colle

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injecting many files with three specific at bottom

I need to inject all the files,and reinject the last three, all.css, foo.css and app.min.js so they are injected last. Injecting task : return gulp.src('src/index.html') .pipe(inject(gulp.src(['temp/**/*.css','!temp/**/all.css','!temp/**/foo.css','./temp/**/*.js','!temp/**/app.min.js'], {read: false}), {ignorePath: 'temp'} )) .pip

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Changing src of dynamically loaded images with jquery

I have a div that is loaded dynamically with one or more images. Initially, all these images are crops. The aim is, when a when a user clicks on a cropped image, its src is replaced by the full sized version. Click the full sized version to return to the cropped image. I have no knowledge of the file names of the image, other than that they are

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jquery iframe src

I have an HTML page containing an iframe and I am trying to write functions on links in the iframe. The functions will make changes in the HTML page... The following script works on the first link that is clicked in the iframe. But when the iframe chages "src" the function will not work any more. How can I make it work even if the src of the ifra

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getting image src in php

how to get image source from an img tag using php function. Solution Consider taking a look at this. I'm not sure if this is an accepted method of solving your problem, but check this code snippet out: // Create DOM from URL or file $html = file_get_html('http://www.google.com/'); // Find all images foreach($html->find('img') as $element)

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