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Rack ssl not working with Thin

I installed rack ssl for Rails 3.07 per these instructions: http://www.simonecarletti.com/blog/2011/05/configuring-rails-3-https-ssl/ It is not working. The first https request (for the login page) is made and the page is served securely, but when you login it redirects to a non-secure http URL. I am running Thin server. Does it work for Thin? W

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How do you serve ember-cli from https://localhost:4200 in development

For our authentication to work with our ember app we need to serve the app from a secure url. We have a self signed ssl cert. How do I setup the ember-cli to serve the index.html form a https domain. Cheers Solution Also see https://stackoverflow.com/a/30574934/1392763. If you will always use SSL you can set "ssl": true in the .ember-cli file

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Clarifying OpenSSL 0.9.8L Concurrency Support - Can SSL Instances Be Used By Multiple Threads If Done Non-Concurrently?

We have a multi-threaded network application that has been using sockets for 10 years and now we're trying to secure the application with OpenSSL 0.9.8L. Over the years, the application's network protocols have been designed to take advantage of the duplex nature of a single socket connection; the application concurrently reads and writes on the s

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Discord.py unable to get certificate

Do I have to install/generate/download new certificate inside my system or is it possible for me somehow to disable certificates inside the python? (ubuntu 18, python 3.7, discord.py latest) [INFO] [2019.03.05 - 22:58:02] Initializing Discord... SSL handshake failed on verifying the certificate protocol: <asyncio.sslproto.SSLProtocol object

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wildcard certificate does not work for sub-domain

I have created a wildcard certificate that works for for xxx.domain.com but not for aaa.bbb.domain.com when creating the certificate: Common Name (e.g. server FQDN or YOUR name) []:*.domain.com but it seems to not be enough. Solution Wildcard SSL certificate matches only one level. See Problems with SSL and multi level subdomains wildcard ss

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Boost ASIO: SSL handshake() never finishes

I have a C client app that uses Boost ASIO to make SSL connections to various servers. But against 2 specific servers, the SSL connection cannot be established. It hangs in the call to boost::asio::ssl::stream::handshake(). I've used Wireshark to observe the conversation between client and server. A working SSL connection seems to do this: ss

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x509 certificate signed by unknown authority- Kubernetes

I am configuring Kubernetes cluster with 2 nodes in coreos as described in https://coreos.com/kubernetes/docs/latest/getting-started.html without flannel. Both servers are in same network. But I am getting: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority (possibly because of "crypto/rsa: verification error" while trying to verify candidate authority

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Can't connect to the ETCD of Kubernetes

I've accidentally drained/uncordoned all nodes in Kubernetes (even master) and now I'm trying to bring it back by connecting to the ETCD and manually change some keys in there. I successfuly bashed into etcd container: $ docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS

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nginx proxy based on host when using https

I need to use Nginx as an SSL proxy, which forwards traffic to different back ends depending on the subdomain. I have seem everywhere that I should define multiple "server {" sections but that doesn't work correctly for SSL. Doing that I would always have the SSL being processed in the first virtual host as the server name is unknown until you pro

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