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cannot remove azure subscription

I have used this command Remove-AzureSubscription "XXX" to remove the subscription. When I use the Get-AzureSubscrition command again It display the subscription which I have deleted. How to resolve this issue and remove the subscription completely using power shell. Solution Get-AzureSubscription currently always goes out to the Azure API to r

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MKStoreKit autorenewable subscriptions

I am using MKStoreKit to handle autorenewable subscriptions. I'm currently testing a 1 month subscription (in test a subscription lasts 5 minutes). After I purchase the subscription I wait for it to expire. Once it expires I check if the subscription is still active. [[MKStoreManager sharedManager] isSubscriptionActive:kSubscriptionMonthlyIdentifi

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Does canceling a user subscription through merchant console/API refunds him money?

According to In-App billing documentation, if users cancel's subscription by himself, his only way to receive a refund is by contacting a seller directly. But what happens if owner of the application cancels subscription through merchant account or through API call? Will user get a refund in this case? It looks like he will, but Google payment proc

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What is the response for RESTORE_TRANSACTIONS in case of subscription bought twice?

I can't test this myself, because there is no way to completely terminate subscription, apparently. So, I want to test the following use case: user buys subscription, cancel's it (or it expires), than user buys same subscription. What will I get with RESTORE_TRANSACTIONS response? Will I get two items with same item id, different purchase tokens

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Azure Service Bus - subscribers can independently subscribe to a subscription and share the same message?

I'm new to Azure Service Bus and have created successful pocs for creating a topic and a separate subscriber application to receive its message. Based on this article, I quote: "A topic can have up to 2,000 subscriptions associated with it, each of which gets independent copies of all messages sent to the topic. One or more subscribers can indepen

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