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Using git commands in a TeamCity Build Step

One of my TeamCity v7.0 build projects relies on using a diff between the current development branch and the master branch to determine what needs to be run. I've written a small script that uses something like: git diff origin/master..origin/QA --name-only --diff-filter=AM | DoSomethingWithThoseFiles Unfortunately, the build log indicates that

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gradle artifactory plugin

I'm new to artifactory and teamcity. I tried using the gradle-artifactory plugin. but It is throwing me the following error.. can anybody pls tell what this error is about and help me with some solution. Error is Caused by: org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot cast object 'org.jfrog.gradle.plugin.artifactory.dsl.

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TeamCity agent error "failed to perform checkout on agent"

I am running my TeamCity 7 server and agent on MacOS. My repo is on github. I use ssh and I know that the authentication is correctly configured, because the test is successful. The build works fine when I use VCS Checkout Mode "Automatically on server", however when I use VCS Checkout mode "Automatically on agent" I get this error. [13:40:35][U

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"Algorithm negotiation fail" with SSH authentication on TeamCity

We have a TeamCity 7.1.5 and our Git Repositories are hosted on a TFS 2017. We wanted to switch to SSH authentication with a Public/Private key. So I have created an openSSH keypair and added the public key on my TFS user. On my local machine this works as expected. But when I want to configure my TeamCity VCS Root to use SSH as well, I always get

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Tracking build progress with TeamCity REST API

I use the TeamCity (7.0) REST API to allow developers to trigger custom builds. I add the build to the queue like this: http://teamcity/httpAuth/action.html?add2Queue=[buildTypeId]&name=[propName]&value=[propValue] My question is how I best can track the progress of the build just triggered. The REST call does not return any info about bu

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How to export TestExecute/TestComplete results to teamcity?

I am using commandline build step in teamcity to run the testcomplete tests via a batch file.The tests are running fine,but I do not see any information regarding the passed/failed tests in teamcity. Basically TestComplete generates some log files after running the tests.But I am not sure how to get these files to teamcity and display it as test re

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Unable to upload jacoco report to TeamCity with Gradle 4.5

I have a Gradle task to upload jacoco coverage to TeamCity (following TeamCity documentation here: Importing JaCoCo coverage data to TeamCity): task uploadJacocoTestReport { doLast { println "##teamcity[jacocoReport dataPath='build/jacoco/jacocoTest.exec' " "includes='com.mypackage.*' " "classpath='b

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Setup JetBrains YouTrack to connect to SVN

I realize that TeamCity must be a bridge between YouTrack and SVN, but I need none of the Teamcity functionality. I just want to issue Youtrack commands via commit comments like here: http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/YTD3/Executing Commands from Comment to VCS Commit i.e. a commit message test #ld-1 fixed Would mark the issue ld-1 as fi

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