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How to export TestExecute/TestComplete results to teamcity?

I am using commandline build step in teamcity to run the testcomplete tests via a batch file.The tests are running fine,but I do not see any information regarding the passed/failed tests in teamcity. Basically TestComplete generates some log files after running the tests.But I am not sure how to get these files to teamcity and display it as test re

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Unable to upload jacoco report to TeamCity with Gradle 4.5

I have a Gradle task to upload jacoco coverage to TeamCity (following TeamCity documentation here: Importing JaCoCo coverage data to TeamCity): task uploadJacocoTestReport { doLast { println "##teamcity[jacocoReport dataPath='build/jacoco/jacocoTest.exec' " "includes='com.mypackage.*' " "classpath='b

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Setup JetBrains YouTrack to connect to SVN

I realize that TeamCity must be a bridge between YouTrack and SVN, but I need none of the Teamcity functionality. I just want to issue Youtrack commands via commit comments like here: http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/YTD3/Executing Commands from Comment to VCS Commit i.e. a commit message test #ld-1 fixed Would mark the issue ld-1 as fi

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Teamcity build badge on github

I wanted to add a teamcity build badge on my github page.My repository is a private github repository. I started of by including the code below as the link said. <a href="http://teamcity/viewType.html?buildTypeId=myID&guest=1"> <img src="http://teamcity/app/rest/builds/buildType(id:myID)/statusIcon"/> </a> The problem I go

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DotCover in TeamCity 8 doesn't work

I try to run dotCover with my NUnit tests, in the TeamCity 8 as a build step. But no metter what I try I always get the same error in the log file: Step 4/4: Coverage (NUnit) (1s) [Step 4/4] Starting: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\plugins\dotnetPlugin\bin\JetBrains.BuildServer.NUnitLauncher.exe #TeamCityImplicit [Step 4/4] in directory: C:\TeamCit

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ASPNETCOMPILER error ASPCONFIG: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.VisualBasic.Activities.Compiler' or one of its dependencies

I just upgraded my project to Asp.Net 4, from 3.5. When the build kicks off from TeamCity, I get the following error: [Project "Website.metaproj" (Rebuild target(s)):] C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\aspnet_compiler.exe -v /Website -p Website\ -u -f PrecompiledWeb\Website\ [12:11:50]: [Project "Website.metaproj" (Rebuild target(s)):

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Viewing TeamCity service messages

I'm troubleshooting a build step in TeamCity 9.0.4. The problem seems to lie within the service message output. Is it possible to view these after the build has completed? They are not included in the build log. The documentation on service messages simply says In order to be processed by TeamCity, they should be printed into a standard output str

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TeamCity: On successful build push to Git Repo

Can TeamCity push successful builds to a git repository? I cannot see a specific build step in TeamCity to do this. I use the version 7.1.1 of TeamCity Thanks, Henrik UPDATE: Ok thanks for your answer, I find it a bit complicated. I found out that I can simply push back tags on successful builds to my global repository from which TeamCity fetc

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