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freetts - text to speech setting mbrola voice com.sun.speech.freetts.ProcessException: Processing Utterance:

Working with ubuntu linux version Almost done with freetts setting with mbrola voices us1, us2 and us3, but finally getting exceptions. When i run the below command, i could hear kevin's voice of sun microsystems. $ java -Dmbrola.base="/home/amphisoft4/Downloads/mbrola" -jar bin/FreeTTSHelloWorld.jar All voices available: alan (tim

it1352 1 2020-07-23

How to use gTTS in python?

When executing the below code from gtts import gTTS tts = gTTS('hello') tts.save('hello.mp3') I am getting "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'group'". Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\HP\Desktop\Desktop\programming\Python_code\New Text Document - Copy (8) - Copy.py", line 3, in <module> tts.save

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How to wait for TextToSpeech initialization on Android

I am writing an activity that speaks to the user and I'd really like to block on TextToSpeech initialization - or else time out. How can I get my thread to wait? I tried: while (! mIsTtsReady || i>limit) try { Thread.sleep(100); i ; ... }; along with: @Override public void OnInit() { mIsTtsReady = true; } // TextToSpeech.OnInitListe

it1352 1 2019-05-07

Highlight the current word that TTS engine is speaking

I'm working on Text to speech application but I encounter a problem that I couldn't know the present word that TTS is speaking. Is there any way to find this.? For Example: If TTS is speaking this string: Questions that may already have your answer and when it reaches 'already', how can I highlight 'already.' Solution I propose that use sequence

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Japanese TTS on Android

I'm interested in performing Japanese speech synthesis on Android. The guide on Android TTS says: "The TTS engine that ships with the Android platform supports a number of languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish." Yet I see an app that does Japanese TTS, and the APK is around 1 MB - not nearly enough for a standalone TTS library.

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TTS - CHECK_VOICE_DATA_FAIL - Check engine availlable

Im having a odd Problem with the TTS engine and I cant figure out why / where is my mistake. Is searched for hours for a solution but without any mentionable result. When I am using this API Demo code everything is working well and I can hear for all installed languages the voice. But when I am checking by this method I am getting CHECK_VOICE_DAT

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