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Corrupt TrueType Font Detection

I am at present dealing with a corrupt TrueType font. Programs available to me tell me there is a problem with the maxp table -- the maxContours member has a value that is too large. Is there a sure-fire way to detect when a maxContours value is too high or too low (yes that too can be a problem)? (Fonts are programs so one way to detect a font fil

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Where can I find a map from font font face names to filenames?

I'm trying to write a Java program that finds the TTF for a font face given its name. For example, inputting "Times New Roman" on my Windows machine would return the path "C:\Windows\Fonts\times.ttf". Most other font face names are abbreviated in a similar manner in the name of their TTF file. Is there a standard somewhere that I can use to map fo

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edit .ttf font file to add in missing symbol

The following font is missing the @ sign. I would like to create a copy of the font file with my own @ symbol added to it: http://www.fonts2u.com/sixty-four-dollar-question-medium.font Solution Fontforge should be able to do that. http://fontforge.github.io

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Name of font by powershell

I'm trying to write a Poweshell script that installs all fonts (in formats .ttf and .otf) from a given directory. However I want to ignore fonts that are already installed. For that purpose I need to get the names (not the filenames) of the fonts. How can I do that? Solution EDITED from comments from @LotPings You can use .NET for that. In the f

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Get glyph widths by fontforge script

For getting glyph widths, I convert a TTF font to AFM, and then parse the content of AFM file to get the width of each glyph. Since technically, fontforge is capturing the glyph widths from the binary TTF file, and then create a AFM font file based on the AFM standard template. I wonder if it is possible to directly convert a TTF file to a list of

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PlayN Font Support

What kind of support do the PlayN or supporting libraries (like TriplePlay and others) provide in regards to non-standard fonts -- custom TrueType fonts in particular. Solution You have to register the font differently on each backend that you intend to use, but once the font is registered by name, you can use it like any built-in font by simply c

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True Type vs. Open Type

What is the difference between true type and open type font? Does the latter suggest openness as in open-source? Does the OS use a different "engine" for rendering those two? Edit: Sorry, wasn't really clear in my original question. I was actually looking for more explanation regarding the visual difference (if any) between the two; maybe one has

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Unicode fonts for Japanese

I am creating a game. I have some UI with text. Recently we wanted to add Japanese language version but I have problem with fonts. I use stb_freetype to rasterize fonts and I support Unicode so it should not be a problem. But most fonts doesn't seem to contain Janapese characters, on Windows I've found that Arial Unicode does. But its size is 26 MB

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