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How do you know what version number to use?

Here's one I have always wondered about... Please excuse my naivety, but - How do you decide what version number to name your software? I assume, when somebody creates a "final" version of an application/program it is version 1.0? - Then, what happens when you update it, how do you decide to call it 1.1 or 1.03 etc etc. Is this mostly for the d

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Cherry-Picking few commits from another branch

I have a scenario where in i dont want to cherry pick a specific commit but a range of git commits from remote. I can do force pull with hard option but that will get all the commits including latest changes from remote. Please suggest, how can i get a pick range of commits from remote. For instance, this is what i am trying my head at. git che

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How to sort versioning info

What's the right way, to handle versioning indicators like 2.4 or etc. to get the ability of sorting versions. PHP says, that 1.3.4 is not a valid integer, but also a non-valid number. array('2.4','2.3.4','') Solution PHP has a version_compare function. Use usort to sort it. Like following. :) $a = array('2.4','2.3.4','')

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Where to get stand alone Dot Net Framework version 1.1, version 2.0,version 3.0, version 3.5, version 2.0 SP1, version 3.0 SP1 ?

My old HD crashes, so I had to do a total re-install. After installer XP, I went to the Micrsoft Update site to get all the update. After 5 hours or so ... the update cycle started looping. You see, it wanted to install the Dot Net Framework for me, so okay, I let the Update site do the download the installation. After the download, and install

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NSFoundationVersionNumber and iOS Versions

Well, my questions is really simple i guess. I use NSFoundationVersionNumber to check the version of my app , and make it both compatible with iOS6 and iOS7 . if (NSFoundationVersionNumber > NSFoundationVersionNumber_iOS_6_1 ){ //Here goes the code for iOS 7 } else if (NSFoundationVersionNumber == NSFoundationVersionNumber_iOS_6_1){ //Here g

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How to set build and version number of Flutter app

How do you set the version name and version code of a Flutter app without having to go into the Android and iOS settings? In my pubspec.yaml I have version: 2.0.0 but I don't see a place for the build number. Solution You can update both the version name and the version code number in the same place in pubspec.yaml. Just separate them with a

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how to check redis instance version?

how to check redis-instance version? I've found in Redis site this command: $ redis-server and that should give me (according to the site): [28550] 01 Aug 19:29:28 # Warning: no config file specified, using the default config. In order to specify a config file use 'redis-server /path/to/redis.conf' [28550] 01 Aug 19:29:28 * Server started, Redis

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