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Virtual machine and none virtual machine - stack and trace

I have read plenty of questions on here, which explain what the stack and heap are e.g. this one: What and where are the stack and heap?, which was very helpful. I understand that high level languages are compiled into an intermediary language e.g. byte code for Java and MSIL for .NET programs. MSIL and byte code is then compiled into machine cod

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Java Virtual Machine crashes

Im using SCO OpenServer 5.0.7 operating system. My JVM is version 1.4 and also I have 1.5 When I'm trying to input a character in range 0x80 - 0x9f in GUI Text field, my JVM loads the CPU up to 100%, and the only way to stop It is to kill the jvm process. When I input character in same range in java console application, It is all fine. I'm guess

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Virtual Machine Scale Sets

I have a test azure subscription, I have created a Virtual Machine Scale Sets. There are no errors in the scale set. How do I connect to VM's and make my server to put in a load? Can I connect with RDP to my Scale set VM's ? is this allowed? Solution If you create VMSS via Azure portal Marketplace, we can't add inbound NAT rules to use RDP to l

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Running multiple Erlang applications. One or many VMs?

I want to run multiple Erlang applications, one being Riak and another being a web server. Should I run them in the same of separate Erlang VMs and why? Solution If they don't have to do anything with each other: No. You might need to restart the VM for one of the applications, which would result in a downtime for both.

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Docker Processes Shown on Host Process List

I was setting up a Selenium server using docker, basically following this github tutorial. I have no problem setting up the server, but I noticed that the processes that I started inside the docker image actually got shown up on my host process list. As you can see in the screen shot, the docker ran a bash script and also executed a jar file,

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what are the advantages of running docker on a vm?

Docker is an abstraction of OS (kernal) and below, VM is abstraction of Hardware. What is the point of running a Docker on an VM (like Azure) (apart from app portability)? should they not be directly hosting docker on the hardware? Solution Docker doesn't provide effective isolation for kernel-level security exploits (there's only one ring 0, an

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javaw.exe cannot find path

Possible Duplicate: Eclipse will not open due to environment variables I'm using eclipse IDE and I tried to run a project, but I'm getting error. It says the javaw.exe cannot be run. I reinstalled Java, now I have JRE 7 and also I installed Jdk, but still no luck. I opened cmd to run javaw.exe and it says: C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\b

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