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How to use socket based client with WCF (net.tcp) service?

I have developed a WCF service that uses the net.tcp adapter and listens to a specific port. I want to connect to that service using a normal .net client that uses sockets to send data to the port and listens to responses. When I try to send data to this service, I get the error: "The existing connection was forcibly closed by remote host". However

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WCF method that receives a stream

In .NET how to create a WCF method that receives stream? I am a newbie in .NET and please don't downvote the question because this seems like a question with out proper research. I need to create a server side code with WCF, please refer to the following link for reference:- http://androidsir.blogspot.in/2013/05/how-to-uploading-imagefile-from-and

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Is WebProtocolException included in .net 4.0?

The WCF starter kit has WebProtocolException to throw exceptions in WCF. Is this included in .net 4.0? Solution Please read "Introducing WCF WebHttp Services in .NET 4" (http://blogs.msdn.com/endpoint/archive/2010/01/06/introducing-wcf-webhttp-services-in-net-4.aspx). It is possible to do. The article "Introducing WCF WebHttp Services in .NET 4"

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What is the purpose of WCF Service Library?

What is the purpose of WCF Service Library? I understand if you build an IIS hosted service you create a web project, if self-hosted - create an .exe. What is a real life scenario to use WCF as DLL? Thank you Solution "WCF Service Application” itself is a direct web service application relying on WCF technology (which is similar to the

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What are the differences between WCF and ASMX web services?

I am totally confused between WCF and ASMX web services. I have used a lot of web services in my earlier stage, and now there is this new thing introduced called WCF. I can still create WCF that function as a web service. I think there will be more stuff in WCF. What are the differences between WCF and Web services? When should each one be us

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All about wcf client

When I deploy the same service on different machines as they have different information that I need , how can I use my client gracely to consume these service . Solution You need to define the service endpoint you want to connect to in your client's config. You cannot define a list of endpoints - if you need load-balancing features, you need to

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