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Web API creating API keys

I m interested in creating API keys for web.api and allowing clients to communicate with API using the API keys rather than authorization web.api provides. I want multiple clients to be able to communicate with the web.api. instead of creating username and password, can i use an api key, and allow clients to communicate with client. is there suc

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Web api performance?

I was thinking , The WebApi along with routing mechanism works in such way that it reads the http verb ( GET POST etc...) and then searches for matched method names / parameters : For example : If it's GET and the URI is api/Customers/5: method should start with Get if it has ID so search a method which accepts int as parameter. etc.

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Web API Security

I'm asked to write a Web API for an application (pc executable, not web-app) that will allow sending emails. A user clicks something, the app communicates with the API which generates an email and sends it out. I have to make sure noone unauthorised will have access to the API, so I need to make some kind of authentication and I haven't got an ide

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Weather web API

What is the best web API for getting weaher information for any city in the world? I need the hourly weather forecast and time of sunlight information. And I will request the information using the city name. For New York I will pass: New York - NY, USA. As I'm using in Google API: http://www.google.com/ig/api?hl=en&weather=New York - NY, USA

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PushStreamContent Web API

I am trying to push my data from web API to client, so I use PushStreamContent in Web API. My data are all student exist in database. public HttpResponseMessage GetAll() { HttpResponseMessage response = new HttpResponseMessage(); var students = _symboleService.GetAll(); response.Content = new PushStreamContent((students

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asp.net Web Forms and Web API

I need to build a web service to handle HTTP Form posts (CRUD) using .Net Web API Although I am aware that the API can be run under WebForms I have heard that type of thing before (see 'Dynamic Data') and then in the reality encountered the need for functional work-arounds, limitations etc. Has anyone used Web API for CRUD under Web Forms? Any i

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ASP.NET Web Api in Web forms

i´m trying to use the asp.net web api in WEB FORMS with visual studio 2010 (sp1) i have done this steps http://myrandomykien.blogspot.com/2012/02/simplest-web-api-site-with-nuget.html When i use the visual studio development server it works, but when i´m using iis 7.5 i get an Error HTTP 404.0 - Not Found. Edit This is my Global-asax protected

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Web speech API grammar

Can somebody please tell me what this const grammar = '#JSGF V1.0; grammar colors; public <color> = aqua | azure | beige | bisque | black | blue | brown | chocolate | coral | crimson | cyan | fuchsia | ghost | white | gold | goldenrod | gray | green | indigo | ivory | khaki | lavender | lime | linen | magenta | maroon | moccasin | navy | oli

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Web API optional parameters

I have a controller with the following signature: [Route("products/filter/{apc=apc}/{xpc=xpc}/{sku=sku}")] public IHttpActionResult Get(string apc, string xpc, int? sku) { ... } I call this method with following URIs: ~/api/products/filter?apc=AA&xpc=BB ~/api/products/filter?sku=7199123 The first URI works without issue. The second one h

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