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Web Applications & Desktop Applications

I am a programmer who writes a lot of code for desktop applications, now started considering cross-platform apps as an issue but at work I write C# apps and I come from C and CS background and of course, I wrote several things in QT/C . But now I am kinda confused about web applications, I have done some work on PHP and I know how things go ther

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Web Applications newsgroup?

Is there a newsgroup dedicated to web application written in VB.Net? Or is this the best place to ask questions related to web apps? Solution Hi, You can ask question about vb.net web applications here or Microsoft.public.donet.framework.aspnet Ken -------------- "Martin" <ma**********@comcast.net> wrote in message news:fs******

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Will web applications replace desktop applications?

Will everything go to the cloud? If so, in which direction? Google-Gears? Flash,AIR,JavaFX? See also: Does desktop development matter? Solution I've been asking this question for nearly a decade. In my business we build and sell both Windows and Web apps that do roughly the same thing. Four years ago I would have told you that we'd be 80-20 i

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Web sites vs web applications

Hi all, I''m sure most of us round here have heard of Dino Esposito - *very* well respected in our industry... I was reading an article of his in this month''s VSJ entitled "Architecture guidelines for ASP.NET AJAX applications", where he outlines his definition of the difference between web sites and web applications - you can read it

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Web based Access Applications

I''ve been developing Access databases for some time now and would like to take the next step - web based systems. What technology should I start exploring? What software would I need? Instead of building a physical web server to test on, could I use VMWare? Any pointer would be helpful. Thanks! Solution I still like classic ASP for quick and

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IIS: web applications warmup

After IIS reset, first hit taking a long time because AppPool is starting and other .NET components, DB connections are initializing. What would be the best way to warm up IIS applications and preload required components (e.g. GAC Assemblies, WCF, WWF libraries) I'm working on IIS 6, Windows 2003 server x64 (I know there is warmup module for II

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Nunit and web applications

I begin studying Unit testing with "(NUnit)". I know that this type of testing is used to test "classes" , "functions" and the "interaction between those functions". In my case I develop "asp.net web applications". How can i use this testing to test my pages(as it is considered as a class and the methods used in)and in which sequence?, i have th

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Popups, web applications, accessibility

Can you help me figure out what to do about popups? Sometimes we develop web applications where popups make very good sense for precisely the same reasons they make sense in traditional locally-installed application interfaces. I understand some people object, on grounds having nothing to do with disabilities, to links that generate new browser wi

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Configuring Android Web Applications

iPhone web apps have four configuration features available (not including the HTML5 application cache) to configure how web pages behave when you save the web page to the home screen as a bookmark. You can specify the home page icon. You can specify a startup image that displays while the web page is loading. You can hide the browser UI. You can

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Youtube won't play video, says javascript not running.. help

Both youtube and Limewire won''t work for me anymore and I don''t know why. I downloaded both recent Java and Flash downloads. What can the problem be? Solution Both youtube and Limewire won''t work for me anymore and I don''t know why. I downloaded both recent Java and Flash downloads. What can the problem be? Does your browser have java

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