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Windows Firewall Programming

I googled many times till I created this question, so please excuse me if there are some tutorials out there. I didn't found them. How can I code a firewall application in windows? I thought about a usermode fiewall using inline hooks in every process, but there is the problem that I can't hook csrss.exe (which creates the new processes) in windows

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How can I disable Windows Firewall?

Windows 7, 8.1 I get an exception when I try to disable Windows Firewall. I try to do it with admin rights. But I haven't the same problem for Windows Firewall enabling. Type NetFwMgrType = Type.GetTypeFromProgID("HNetCfg.FwMgr", false); INetFwMgr mgr = (INetFwMgr)Activator.CreateInstance(NetFwMgrType); // Get the Windows Firewall status bool f

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Does a firewall on a machine only block stuff from outside the machine or also from processes on the machine?

Does a firewall running on a machine only block stuff from outside that machine, or do they block communication between processes on a machine communicating via ports? Specifically, I'm writing a windows service which will expose an http RESTful service for other processes on the machine. The service will be running on a non-standard port in the d

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Delphi apps won't tether on Windows 10

How do I get Windows 10 or its firewall to allow my Delphi 10.2 tethering app to get access to the internet? When either the desktop or the mobile app is run on Windows 10, there is no request for permission from the firewall and tethering fails. In contrast, the Delphi mobile Photowall tethering example runs fine on Android and iPad, tethering w

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Connecting to WMI: 0x800706ba errors on some machines (but not all)

When I try to connect to WMI from Powershell, ConfigMgr, or WMI explorer, I can talk to the majority of my computers, but some (maybe 30%?) return an 0x800706ba (RPC server is unavailable). If I turn the firewall off on the remote machine, the queries start working. I have tried a bunch of different configurations of firewall settings, though, an

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C# - How to chceck if external firewall is enabled?

We want to use Cisco NAC and need to check if client Desktop has a firewall installed. This may be not the default Windows Firewall. Is there some Windows registry key that can be checked? Solution For non-Windows firewalls, you can use WMI API to detect the presence of a firewall if it's registered with Windows. Namespace = "Root\SecurityCente

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WCF service blocked by Windows Firewall

I've got a WCF service using a HttpBinding. The service is running in a self hosting process (A Windows Service) and this process is inside the Windows Firewall exceptions list. If the Firewall is active and I'm trying to access the service using a C# client or Internet Explorer, the service does not respond. But if the Firewall is disabled the co

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