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What is the difference between PowerShell and cmd.exe command syntax?

I am running the following command in PowerShell: PS C:\Users\adminaccount> winrm s winrm/config/service @{AllowUnencrypted="true"; MaxConcurrentOperationsPerUser="4294967295"} Error: Invalid use of command line. Type "winrm -?" for help. Which gives me an error, as you could see. But the same command in cmd.exe works fine: C:\Users\adminacc

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Bundler how to uninstall conflicting dependency

I'm trying to execute vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest on my Mac ProductName: Mac OS X ProductVersion: 10.12.6 BuildVersion: 16G29 but I have an error message after that Bundler, the underlying system Vagrant uses to install plugins, reported an error. The error is shown below. These errors are usually caused by misconfigured pl

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Execute batch file on remote computer

I am on host_computer and attempting to execute batch file on remote_computer (part of WORKGROUP) to enable psremoting and use winrm to add trustedhosts. Based on http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/scriptcenter/en-US/732495c0-114c-4a1e-bbe1-5a7a3b84012d/execute-a-batch-file-on-a-remote-pc?forum=ITCG I tried creating a process, i.e. $serv

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Connecting to remote server failed using WinRM from PowerShell

I am trying to run powershell code from my computer to vm on my computer, but i keep getting this error: Connecting to remote server failed with the following error message : The WinRM client cannot process the request. If the authentication scheme is different from Kerberos, or if the client computer is not joined to a domain, then HTT

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How to access WinRM in C#

I'd like to create a small application that can collect system information (Win32_blablabla) using WinRM as opposed to WMI. How can i do that from C#? The main goal is to use WS-Man (WinRm) as opposed to DCOM (WMI). Solution I guess the easiest way would be to use WSMAN automation. Reference wsmauto.dll from windwos\system32 in your project: t

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