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Problems running on iOS

I've tried on 3 different computers but it still has the same problem that prevents me from running the project on the Mac. When I use Windows and connect to my Mac to run, it shows the same error on all 3 computers. The error message displayed: Can not resolve reference: /Library/Frameworks/Xamarim.iOS.framework/Versions/Current/lilb/mono/Xam

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Error: Failed to resolve "AuthenticationServices.ASWebAuthenticationSession" reference from "Xamarin.iOS

We're using Azure DevOps to build our Xamarin Forms mobile app. This has been working without any problems for weeks now. For some reason I am now getting the following error when we build the iOS project: MT2002: Failed to resolve "AuthenticationServices.ASWebAuthenticationSession" reference from "Xamarin.iOS, Version=, Culture=neutral, Pu

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Do I need Mac to develop Azure Xamarin.iOS application?

Regular Xamarin (not the Azure version) clearly requires Mac computer running Mac OS X to develop iOS applications. But in Microsoft Azure Xamarin.iOS documentation, there is no such prerequisite anywhere. Does it mean that I can develop iOS applications with Azure Xamarin.iOS on a Windows machine, without a Mac? Solution No matter which type of i

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Xamarin iOS debugger not hitting breakpoints

Yesterday morning as I started working on a Xamarin iOS application when my debugger stopped working. I can place breakpoints but as soon as the application starts the breakpoints become hollow like a red donut. I've rebuilt/cleaned project multiple times, I've also wiped obj/bin folders and nothing seems to work. I can't hit breakpoints. This doe

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iOS 6 Mono and backward compatibility

I'm updating my app to ios6 and i having following problems it is not possible to build application by architectures supported ARMv6 ARM v7 but just only ARM v7 (the error is that iOS6 is not compatible with ARM v6). This means that my application will not work with all devices? building application with ARMv7 is not possible to use the flag

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Finding Reference to System.IO.FileSystem.Watcher.dll

I have a Xamarin Forms cross platform solution. When I build the solution, the iOS project can't resolve the reference: C:/Program Files (x86)/Reference Assemblies/Microsoft/Framework/Xamarin.iOS/v1.0/Facades/System.IO.FileSystem.Watcher.dll even though it is physically there. All the other projects build just fine. I can't find a reference to the

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