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Cannot update Xamarin for Visual Studio

I had to re-install my PC recently, and I re-installed VS2015 Community. And then I installed Xamarin from www.xamarin.com/download I get the following notice whenever I open visual studio Although when I click it nothing happens. It just disappears. Previously on my old version, I had Xamarin Studio, where i could go in, and check for update

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Xamarin Forms - How to visually create a form

How in Xamarin Forms, can I visually layout and create a form. Like you do in WPF , WinForms etc.. etc... in VS and everyother IDE. Do I alway have to hand-jam the XAML? Seems so absurd. thanks in advance and have a great coding day Solution There is no Visual Designer, that has drag and drop functionality. You must code all views in either XAML

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Genymotion Android emulator for Xamarin

I've problem about using Genymotion Android emulator for xamarin development. I have intalled Genymotion desktop app and several Android devices within it. Whenever i run any of the installed device in Genymotion desktop app via start button, it works fine but there is no Genymotion emulator in the list of available emulators in Visual Studio, nei

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SwipeListView in Xamarin Form

I am working on android application using xamarin forms. We have a list that is displaying items. Client want to delete the item on swipe, "left to right" vice versa . I have a link that is working for xamarin android that i am share with you Click here . I need same thing for Xamarin form. If anybody have any idea please share with me. Thank you.

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Xamarin Support Package error

Please install package: 'Xamarin.Android.Support.Design' available in SDK installer. Android resource directory C:\Users\Srinivasarao\AppData\Local\Xamarin\Android.Support.Design\\embedded\./ doesn't exist. Sample.Droid Please install package: 'Xamarin.Android.Support.Design' available in SDK installer. Java library file C:\Users\Srinivas

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Preview Xamarin Form Pages

Is there any way to preview a Xamarin forms page without first deploying to device/emulator? Or is there any way to live edit the page and see changes somewhere (a bit like Snoopy for WPF). I tried both Xamarin Studio Visual Studio and do not see a designer. Solution Update 30 Sept 2016: Using the latest version of Xamarin you can use the fol

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MT5212: Native linking failed, duplicate symbol: '_OBJC_IVAR_$_FIRInstanceID._tokenManager'

I have created iOS.dll file by binding the native objective c library. Untill now everything worked fine the xamarin ios app also worked fine. Now I have added Firebase frameworks (Firebase Auth, Database, Analytics, InstanceID) in my native objective c library to use firebase services and created the binding the same way I used to do before with x

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Xamarin Forms error using System.Timers and Sysem.Json

I want to use System.Timer in my Xamarin Forms based project. I am actually converting my Xamarin iOS project to Xamarin Formbased project. My Xamarin iOS project has all code for Timer using System.Timer aTimer = new Timer (tm); // Hook up the Elapsed event for the timer. aTimer.Elapsed = new ElapsedEventHandler (OnTimedEvent); aTimer

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