ServiceStack BSD version 3.9.71 and protobuf-net version


I downloaded the ServiceStack BSD version 3.9.71 from Nuget

using the commmands

Install-Package ServiceStack -Version 3.9.71

and Install-Package ServiceStack.Plugins.ProtoBuf -Version 3.9.71

I installed also the protobuf-net

Install-Package protobuf-net

but I have problem because the ServiceStack 3.9.71 try to find the protobuf-net ver.,

when the last version of protobuf from Nuget is


The NuGet packages doesn't specify a version constraint on them so they get the latest dependency, in this case v2.0.0.668. You could uninstall the current version of protobuf-net and just install the one that's needed, e.g:

PM> Uninstall-Package protobuf-net -Force

PM> Install-Package protobuf-net -Version

Otherwise another option is to add Binding Redirects in your web.config.

I'll look at specifying explicit versions for external NuGet dependencies in future.