Azure Functions: how to set CORS via automation?


I have an azure function app that I would like to set up in repeatable (automated) manner so that I can duplicate it in different environments/resource groups. I'm able to create the function app via the azure cli, but I also need to configure the CORS options such that I can call it from a browser.

I've found where to do that in the azure portal web ui, in the 'Platform Features' tab(, but I can't find anything about modifying that setting via azure cli, or by the VSTS deployment task that I've set up to do releases when I change the functions in the app.

It seems you can even specify the CORS setting for local development via the local.settisg.json, but that only applies locally ( Were I deploying the app via the azure function tools cli I could supposedly specify the --publish-local-settings flag when I deploy, but I'm not deploying that way.

It seems like there must be a way to modify the CORS configuration without using the web UI, am I just not finding it?


To set CORS settings programatically, you want to use ARM.

Here's an example you can follow: