Active Directory Password Connection Azure SQL Failure from Azure Automation


I need to connect via Azure Automation to an Azure SQL Server using my Azure Active Directory Admin account that is set as the Azure SQL Server AZ AD Admin.

I am able to connect to Azure SQL:

  1. Using SSMS with the Azure AD Admin Account
  2. Using the PowerShell ISE with the Azure AD Admin Account in a SQL ConnectionString
  3. Using Azure Automation with the Azure SQL Admin account (the one created when a new Azure SQL Server is created) in a SQL ConnectionString

However, when attempting to connect to Azure SQL in Azure Automation using the Active Directory Admin account in Azure Automation in a SQL ConnectionString, I get the following error:

New-Object : Exception calling ".ctor" with "1" argument(s): "Keyword not supported: 'authentication'."

Here is my connection attempt:

$server = ",1433"
$database = "TestDB"
$adminName = ""
$adminPassword = "test1234"

$connectionString = "Server=$server;Database=$database;User ID=$adminName;Password=$adminPassword;authentication=Active Directory Password;"
$connection = New-Object -TypeName System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection($connectionString)

Any ideas on why I can connect via PowerShell ISE and SSMS but not Azure Automation with the Azure Active Directory Admin? I can also connect via Azure Automation and the Azure SQL Admin account (the default admin account you create with Azure SQL).

The only way I can't connect is when using the Azure Active Directory Admin tied to Azure SQL when using Azure Automation.


Using Azure AD to connect to SQL is not yet supported with Azure Automation Account.This feature requires .NET Framework 4.6 and currently Azure Automation workers only had .NET Framework 4.5.