How can i revoke the access granted to web application to my organization's azure AD?


I have Office 365 Developer account & tenant in windows azure to manage office 365 users. using consent framework "prompt=admin_consent", i granted access rights to one of my web application already registered in Azure AD (which is managed by me) to use office 365 API services, After granting access using admin consent, all my Azure AD users are able to authenticate themselves against Azure AD. I am able to see the applications that i granted access using but i am not able to revoke access granted for applications using this URL. How can i revoke the access granted to my or third party application from my organization's azure AD?


Let me check with our Azure folks, but I believe if you granted admin consent you can remove it from the Azure Management Portal. When you navigate to apps, you will see apps that you've consented to along with apps that you've developed. You can remove it there.