Deploy azure website and webjobs in same sln using VSO - Error - There can be only one


I've got to a website and a webjob project in the same sln:

  • Sritt (The website)
  • Sritt.Webjob

In properties of Sritt theres a webjobs-list.json with the following setting:

"WebJobs": [
      "filePath": "../Sritt.WebJob/Sritt.WebJob.csproj"

I've configured the by VSTS build like this (with the new buildsystem):

Solution: **\*.sln    
MSBuild Args: /p:DeployOnBuild=true /p:WebPublishMethod=Package /p:PackageAsSingleFile=true /p:SkipInvalidConfigurations=true /p:PackageLocation="$(build.stagingDirectory)"

Building in VSTS gives me the following warning:

 C:\a\1\s\packages\Microsoft.Web.WebJobs.Publish.1.0.9\tools\webjobs.console.targets(149,5): warning : WebJob schedule for SrittWebJob will not be created. WebJob schedules can only be created when the publish destination is an Azure Website [C:\a\1\s\Sritt.WebJob\Sritt.WebJob.csproj]

And the following error:

packageFile= Find-Files -SearchPattern C:\a\1\a\**\*.zip
packageFile= C:\a\1\a\ C:\a\1\a\
Found more than one file to deploy with search pattern 'C:\a\1\a\**\*.zip'. There can be only one.  

How can I deploy both the website and the webjob? Do I need to split them into different solutions?


Seems you are using "Azure Web App Deployment" task to deploy the project. You don't need to split them into different solutions but you need to deploy them in separate tasks.

So you need to add one more "Azure Web App Deployment" task in you build definition. The setting is almost the same for these two tasks except the "Web Deploy Package" section: One is "$(build.artifactstagingdirectory)\**\" and another one is "$(build.artifactstagingdirectory)\**\".