How can i integrate Azure Mobile App win Azure API app


We are building a mobile cross platform solution with Xamarin (Xamarin.Forms). We developed a backend API in Azure with Azure API Apps. Now we want to integrate and use Mobile Apps (Mobile Services) but using Azure API Apps we created previously. I see this BUILD presentation and the idea i think is to use ApiController and call to Azure API Apps there.

Is this correct? Some sample? How can i do? I must have 2 projects API Apps Mobile Apps? or I must integrate in one (only one API)?


You could potentially have your mobile clients connect to your API app, but you'll have an easier time if you convert your API App to use the Mobile App backend packages. Another option is to have your Mobile App backend connect to the API app, but that's a lot of hops without much benefit.

For details on these packages, see How to work with the .NET backend server SDK for Azure Mobile Apps.

For a step-by-step tutorial, start with Create a Xamarin.Forms app on Azure Mobile Apps.