Installing certificates to the trusted root certificate store on azure web apps


How can I install a certificate into an Azure Web App so that my azure webapp can communicate with a remote service via SSL (this particular certificate is not signed by a public CA)

I generated an ssl certificate with openssl and when I install it to the trusted root certificate authentication store on my local computer the runs fine. However when I upload the cert via the management portal I get errors that the certificate isn't trusted (which is correct) and the correct error for when a certificate is not installed.

How can I install a private SSL certificate into the trusted root certificate store on an azure web app?


Unfortunately, we cannot add a certificate to the trusted certificate authority on an Azure Web App. The security implications would be quite bad if that were possible. More detail info please refer to another SO thread.

But We can use Azure Cloud Service that allowed us to do that. More info please refer to the document.

If we want to install certificates to Personal certificate store , we could upload a .pfx file to the Azure App, and add an App setting named WEBSITE_LOAD_CERTIFICATES with its value set to the thumbprint of the certificate will make it accessible to your web application. Then the certificates will be installed to the Personal certificate store . More detail please refer to Using Certificates in Azure Websites Applications. How to obtained an SSL certificate please refer to the official document Secure your app's custom domain with HTTPS.  

The easiest way to get an SSL certificate that meets all the requirements is to buy one in the Azure portal directly. This article shows you how to do it manually and then bind it to your custom domain in App Service.