Azure WebJob fails on exit code 532462766


I am taking a console app I have that loads new data into a database, and am turning it into a web job that runs at 2am so the stored data is updated daily. The console app works fine locally and is using an Azure SQL database. When running the webjob it fails with this message:

[09/22/2016 20:25:39 > 44575f: SYS ERR ] Job failed due to exit code -532462766

Through some research it looks like the webjob doesn't have my app.config file and thus is missing the correct connection string, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know how to get around this? Do I add a connection string to my .pubxml file, do it in my Azure portal, or could this be something else? Thanks!


web.config is a strange choice but I guess webjob falls back to it. You could also fix the problem by copying the programname.exe.config file along with the exe itself.