How to Avoid Azure App Service Plans to Scale Down Automatically


I would like to ask you if there is a way to avoid App Service Plans from Azure to scale down automatically. For instance, I configured an App Service Plan with the following pricing tier: Basic: 1 Medium; nevertheless, if my app is idle for some time the pricing tier of that App Service Plan changes to Shared. I do not know if that is a standard behavior, financially it makes sense; however, from a technical point of view, I do need at least a Basic Service Plan at all times since I am using some GDI features not available in a shared environment (where in fact my app starts crashing).

While in developing, creating and deploying directly web apps from within Visual Studio, and later scaling the app to a Basic Service Plan never changed back to Free set by default... But now in production using a Pay-As-You-Go subscription I am having this problem, that now is becoming very annoying.

I hope that anyone may help me figure out how to avoid the behavior stated earlier, in order to force my App Service Plan to remain in at least a Basic pricing tier, even while my app is idle; or in this case, at least force my App Service Plan to scale up from Shared to Basic once the app is not idle anymore.


Changes to the App Plan are not automatic. Someone is doing them. Look into your Azure Operation logs and I bet you'll find the culprit. Or maybe you have a limit on the spend in your Azure account and it converts everything to free plan once that cap runs out?