Maven location (when installed indirectly with Netbeans/Glassfish)?


Where is the maven home directory when you install Netbeans with Glassfish? I have searched for 'mvn' in the Program Files directory and my user directory in Windows 7 but it turns up nothing.

In the Maven settings in Netbeans for 'Maven Home' it says 'Bundled' which isn't much use to me, I need the actual path to maven.


First install maven separately (and verify it by running mvn command line) and then open netbeans and navigate to Tools -> Options -> Java -> Maven (I guess you already know that but just in case) and change the 'Maven Home' path to the directory where maven is installed.

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The Bundled maven could generally be found at NetBeans_install_directory/java/maven.

Example For Mac: /Applications/NetBeans Example For Windows: C:/Program Files/Netbeans 8.2/java/maven/