How to merge two arrays into a map using Java streams?


Lets suppose we were given the following two arrays

String[] keys   = new String[] {"a", "b", "c", "aa", "d", "b"}
int[]    values = new int[]    { 1 ,  2 ,  3 ,  4  ,  5 ,  6 }

And by merging these 2 arrays into HashTable we get the following

// pseudo-code
Map<String, Integer> dictionary = new HashTable<>(
  ("a"  => 1)
  ("b"  => 8) // because "b" appeared in index 1 and 5
  ("c"  => 3)
  ("aa" => 4)
  ("d"  => 5)

How can we do this using java Lambda style?

So far I have the following:

// this loops through the range given (used for index start and end)
// and sums the values of duplicated keys
tree.listMap = IntStream.range(range[0], range[1]).boxed().collect(
  Collectors.toMap(i - > dictionary[i], i - > i   1, Integer::sum, TreeMap::new)

However, I'd like to take 2 arrays, merge them by key and value, where value is the sum of all values for duplicated keys. How can we do this?


There you go:

Map<String,Integer> themap = 
       IntStream.range (0, keys.length).boxed()
                .collect (Collectors.toMap(i->keys[i],


{a=1, aa=4, b=8, c=3, d=5}

This is quite similar to the snippet you posted, though, for some reason, the snippet you posted contains no reference to the keys and values arrays.