intellij feature (...) not supported at this language level. I can't compile


IntelliJ is showing me this error

I just built my new computer and none of my java stuff is working... My regular Intellij was working when I first tried it, but my android studio would't install because it couldn't find the path to the jdk. Here is the question that I asked about that. Since that wasn't working, I had to reinstall java multiple times, and now my IntelliJ isn't working. Here is a picture of the error (I am getting an error that is telling me the for-each loops aren't supported at this language level).

I have tried to install the JDK on my D: drive and that didn't work. I am currently trying to use java 1.8u71 (have tried u65 and 1.7u47) except none of those have worked.


IntelliJ is showing me this error

are not supported at this language level

Matching the SDK/JDK with Project language level

To activate Java language features in the editor, you need to change your module's Project Structure or Module Settings to ensure your Project SDK matches the Project language level.

Project SDK (JDK) Java 1.5 matches project language level 5 ...

Java 1.6 matches language level 6 ...

Java 1.7 matches language level 7, and so on.


Depending on your IntelliJ version, hit F4 or Ctrl Alt Shift - S on your module in the Project pane, or hit Ctrl Shift - A and type either "Project Structure" or "Module Settings" to open the Project Structure dialog.

Under Project Settings section, click on the first item in the list, Project.

In the screenshot below, the Project SDK 1.8 (java version '1.8.0_72') matches the selected language level SDK Default (8 - Lambdas, type annotations etc.) because Java 1.8 matches SDK level 8. This activates the Java 8 language features for use in the editor.

project structure

If you don't have the JDK set up under Project SDK that is a different problem. Solve that one first by clicking New and adding a JDK.