Extend Magento REST API in custom module


I want to use Magento Rest-Api to add custom data into Magento table. I have added one table into Magento db and created module with Rest API for that using following link


Now I want to add data into Magento table using Rest API...

what I need to changed in api.xml/api2.xml or in V1.php file.

Kindly help me I have tried many codes using reference of product api2.xml file. but no luck.

when I run following URL


it will executed V1.php file's _retrieve() function but how to call _create() function using PHP RestApi oauth


magento\app\code\core\Mage\Api2\Model\Resource.php is only allowed collection action type for create method.. so changed in api2.xml file and setup required fields in attribute tag


<?xml version="1.0"?>
            <extapi translate="title" module="api2">
                <title>Custom API calls</title>
                    <extapi translate="title" module="api2">
                        <title>My Api</title>
            <extapi translate="title" module="api2">
                <title>Custom Api</title>
                    <owner_id>Owner ID</owner_id>
                    <identityid>Identity ID</identityid>
                    <social_id>Social ID</social_id>
                    <request_timestamp>Request Time</request_timestamp>
                    <status_timestamp>Status Time</status_timestamp>
                    <!-- Call For V1.php _retrieve() -->
                    <!-- Call For V1.php _create() -->


 * Override for Magento's REST API
class Magepim_Extapi_Model_Api2_Rest_Admin_V1 extends Mage_Api2_Model_Resource {

    protected function _retrieve(){
        return json_encode($shedulerData);
    protected function _create($shedulerData){
        return json_encode($shedulerData);
    protected function _retrieveCollection(){
        return json_encode(array('method'=>'_retrieveCollection'));