Hi I need help starting my Java work, this is the scenario:

This system is intended to provide the school timetabler with information to support his/her timetabling activities. Please note it is not expected to schedule classes. The information required are the programmes, the core and option modules for each programme, the activities (lecture, seminar, lab etc) connected with each module, the available rooms and their type and the module leaders. Some level 3 and masters modules are run together. The system should tell the user when this is the case. Module and module leaders in the system may have some constraints attached. For example ?Staff member X does not teach on Tuesdays? or ?Module Y must have 6th floor labs?. Information required includes the number of credits for each module, whether it is one semester long or all year long, which semester it runs and which student sets take the module (either as core or option).Room information should include its size (how many students it takes), it?s type, its condition (i.e. walls falling down, freezing cold, noisy) and its resources (internet connection, overhead projector white/black board, amplification system). Programme information should include the level, name of the programme and the associated modules.
The output should be text based. No graphical interface is required. You may use any libray classes you feel necessary. You do not need to test the system with complete data from the school. Just use one or two programmes. You can make these up. They do not have to be an accurate reflection of the schools programmes and modules.
Examples of use
1: Input: program name Output: list of core and option modules.
2: Input: module name Output: module leader, activities, credits, when run, constraints
3: Input: activity name Output: room(s)
4: Input room number Output size, condition, available resources
5: Input module leader Output constraints

How do i make a simple program to do this. The following are my classes:

Module Leader

You said you were having problems starting it, but you say you have classes to work with. Have you outlined your classes in UML to figure out what methods and values it contains? That''s where I''d start...


Ive done my UML, But i''m unsure how to start the code

Have you coded those classes?