Upgraded to WebAPI2 and DotNetNuke 7.2.1 and all services returning 404.0



I wrote some WebAPI controllers using WebAPI for DotNetNuke 7.0 using this method

Everything worked great.

Today I upgraded DNN to 7.2.1 and upgraded my projects to ASP.NET Web API2 and my services on my local machine are now not working - they return "HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found".

I think it is something to do with IIS and extensionless URLs - I checked IIS and DesktopModules is not an application as suggested here.

I tried Fiddler and F12 Debugging tools and the message is giving no clues away. How can I debug this to work out where the problem lies?


  1. The folder that the webapi module is coming from supposed to be not an application, meaning it suppose to use the main web.config.
  2. Check the web.config (file diff), what's got changed between the upgrades.