fwrite() does not write data to file


WANTED: Even if I do Ctrl-C in the middle of fgets(), fwrite() should
write the previously entered data to a file (except if I hit the file-size
PROBLEM: If I do a Ctrl-C in the middle of fgets(). fwrite() does not
write the data to the file.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <unistd.h>

enum { INPUT_SIZE = 5 };
FILE* fp;

void write_to_file( const char* );
int main( void )
char arrc[INPUT_SIZE];

memset( arrc, ''\0'', INPUT_SIZE );

while( fgets(arrc, INPUT_SIZE, stdin) )
write_to_file( arrc );

void write_to_file( const char* arrc )
int arr_size;
long fwrite_bytes;

arr_size = strlen(arrc );

if( ! (fp = fopen("zzz.txt", "a")) )
perror("FOPEN ERROR\n");

fwrite_bytes = fwrite( arrc, 1, arr_size, fp);

printf("fwrite_bytes = %ld\n", fwrite_bytes);

if( arr_size != fwrite_bytes )
perror("FWRITE ERROR");

if( fclose(fp) )
perror("CLOSE ERROR\n");
=============== OUTPUT =====================
[arnuld@dune CLS]$ gcc -ansi -pedantic -Wall -Wextra check_FILE_IO.c
[arnuld@dune CLS]$ ./a.out
fwrite_bytes = 4

[arnuld@dune CLS]$ cat zzz.txt
[arnuld@dune CLS]$
In only these 3 cases, data gets written:

1) Remove the comments from the fclose(). I mean do a proper fclose().
2) You do proper exit using Ctrl-D.
3) User enters data more than the INPUT_SIZE.

but I don''t want to close the file every time I have data. I want to keep
it open till I hit the size limit. The problem with fclose() is, if the
data entered is 2 bytes on each call, then it will take 500 openings and
closings, which will be very CPU intensive I think. I want this
program to be efficient in terms of CPU, memory is not the problem
here, I have got enough of it. I need to keep the file open but in doing
so a sudden quit using Ctrl-C discards everything user entered.
Any solution to the problem ?

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gcc -ansi -pedantic -Wall -Wextra check_FILE_IO.c
[arnuld@dune CLS]

fwrite_bytes = 4

[arnuld@dune CLS]

cat zzz.txt
[arnuld@dune CLS]