What is the connection string to use Azure Storage Emulator with a Webjob?


I have a simple WebJob which I wish to test with the Azure Storage Emulator.

I currently have set the AzureJobsRuntime and AzureJobsData set to use development storage as follows:

    <add name="AzureJobsRuntime" connectionString="UseDevelopmentStorage=true;" />
    <add name="AzureJobsData" connectionString="UseDevelopmentStorage=true;" />

The webjob is very simple:

public static void Main(string[] args)
    JobHost host = new JobHost();

public static void Process([QueueInput("queue")] string input, [BlobOutput("containername/blobname")]TextWriter writer)


This throws an exception on startup:


Windows Azure Storage account connection string is not formatted correctly

I have been able to create the queue and add messages to it from a website using the same connection string and the CloudStorageAccount class.


Unfortunately the WebJobs SDK does not support using Azure storage emulator as some features it uses are not supported by this emulator.