Scala - Java = ? (Or Clojure - Java = ?)

  1. Is it possible for a developer to use Scala without knowing Java?
  2. Is it possible for a developer to use Clojure without knowing Java?

Note: For example I am a C# developer and I use .NET without knowing any VB (Of-course WF 4.0 uses VB for statements, so I refuse any projects involving WF 4.0 :) ).

Summary I: Thanks to all for your answers. Now I can tell one can use these languages without knowing Java (The Language). Now I've got another question: How can one start with Java (JVM) ecosystem? What are beginner, intermediate and advanced knowledge-bases (bags!)? To be honest Java ecosystem was always a bit confusing to me, so it would be very helpful to provide some "reference references" and "defacto tutorials" for learning (curve!) JVM. (OK! I will post it as another question!)


Scala, and Clojure even more so, are totally different languages from Java. The only thing they have in common is that they run on the Java virtual machine. You do not need to know the Java programming language to program in Scala or Clojure. It would be useful, however, to know something about the Java ecosystem (the Java virtual machine and runtime environment).