Where are Azure WebJob's BlobInput and BlobOutput classes?


I am creating a Azure WebJob console application that resizes images uploaded to blob storage. When following any of the code samples online I am unable to reference and use the BlobInput and BlobOutput input parameter attributes. I am using the NuGet package Microsoft.Azure.Jobs 0.3.0-beta (and Microsoft.Azure.Jobs.Core).

Which namespaces are BlogInput and BlobOutput found in? Is there another NuGet package that I need?

Here is my code which does not compile because it cannot resolve BlobInput and BlobOutput:

using Microsoft.Azure.Jobs;
using System.IO;

namespace ConsoleApplication2
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            JobHost host = new JobHost();

        public static void SquishNewlyUploadedPNGs([BlobInput("input/{name}")] Stream input, [BlobOutput("output/{name}")] Stream output)

In the Beta version of Azure WebJobs SDK we changed the attribute names as described below. The functionality remained the same.

BlobInputAttribute   -> BlobTriggerAttribute
BlobOutputAttribute  -> BlobAttribute
QueueInputAttribute  -> QueueTriggerAttribute
QueueOutputAttribute -> QueueAttribute

Also, the package names changed. You should use: