Getting ImportError: No module named when doing python syncdb


When I try to do python syncdb in my Django app, I get the error ImportError: No module named But thing is, the following packages are installed if one does pip freeze:

azure-common==1.0.0 azure-mgmt==0.20.1 azure-mgmt-common==0.20.0 azure-mgmt-compute==0.20.0 azure-mgmt-network==0.20.1 azure-mgmt-nspkg==1.0.0 azure-mgmt-resource==0.20.1 azure-mgmt-storage==0.20.0 azure-nspkg==1.0.0 azure-servicebus==0.20.1 azure-servicemanagement-legacy==0.20.1 azure-storage==0.20.3

Clearly azure-storage is installed, as is evident. Why is not available for import? I even went into my .virtualenvs directory, and got in all the way to (i.e. ~/.virtualenvs/myvirtualenv/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/azure/storage/blob$). It exists!

What do I do? This answer here has not helped: Install Azure Python api on linux: importError: No module named storage.blob

Note: please ask for more information in case you need it


I had a similar issue. To alleviate that, I followed this discussion here:

Basically, try pip install azure==0.11.1 before trying syncdb, and I'm confident it will work for you!